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Dear Hawley Lane Shoes Applicant,

We are pleased to receive your application for employment!  Hawley Lane Shoes is now the largest “family owned” shoe store in the country and, with this, we have very high expectations for all of our team members.  Before you fill out the attached application we thought you might like to know more about us and what we will expect from you as a Hawley Lane Shoes Fit Specialist.

Hawley Lane Shoes has been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years and three generations.  Today, Hawley Lane Shoes offers the perfect combination of Fashion and Fit.  Our mission is to enhance people’s lives from the foot up by increasing public awareness through education on proper foot care with the proper footwear.  Along with our trained staff, we have many Certified Pedorthists

(C. Peds), or foot pharmacists, available to educate on the biomechanics and anatomy of the foot.

The primary goal at Hawley Lane Shoes is to service the customer.  Customers are our most valued asset and must be treated as such every single time they walk through our doors.  We offer the customer an experience that they will not find anywhere else.  Every customer who walks through our door should experience being greeted within 30 seconds, being fit, being sold and, ultimately, satisfied.

We are proud to offer full-time and part-time, day and evening shifts.  All team members are trained to learn the footwear industry and even more importantly, trained on the Hawley Lane Shoes culture and style of servicing our customers.

Hawley Lane Shoes offers a very competitive pay along with commissions, bonuses and benefits to those who qualify.  Some of the benefits are:  medical contributions, paid vacations, shopping discounts, etc.

A Hawley Lane Shoes team member is someone who takes great pride and responsibility in their personal appearance, attitude, manner, language and behavior, every day!  Our team members are professional, respect each other and are committed to the integrity and expectations of Hawley Lane Shoes.

If you think you can fill the shoes of a Hawley Lane Shoes team member please fill out the attached application.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Hawley Lane Shoes family!


Hawley Lane Shoes

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