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Read below why SAS is a truly special shoe.

The following is FROM SAS:

We’ve always walked to the beat of a different drummer.

made_usaOur passion for shoemaking started with Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden.  By the 1970’s shoemaking was leaving the United States and many of those who remained were cutting corners to compete with less expensive imports.  Neither Terry nor Lew wanted to compromise on quality, so in 1976 they quit their jobs in the shoe industry and started SAS.  They crafted every shoe by hand, with attention to detail and the best materials available.  We wanted our shoes to be so comfortable that you didn’t want to take them off!  Soon friends told friends about their “really, really, really comfortable new shoes”, and before long SAS became a national brand without any national advertising.  The shoes we sell today are the result of 30 years of hard work, dedication, and the belief that we must always strive to be better.  Every day we work to make sure the SAS name continues to stand for superb craftsmanship and extraordinary comfort.  With every step along the way we’ve made new customers and friends.  If you are one of those – we thank you.  If you aren’t a customer yet, we invite you to visit an SAS store and let our professionals measure your feet, then slide them into a pair of our soft leather comfort shoes.  Experience SAS – you’ll be glad you did.

Handcrafted Comfort

Most of our shoes are handcrafted moccasin construction.  This means the soft upper leather wraps completely around your foot.  Leather is an ideal upper material because it’s breathable.  It has the ability to absorb and wick away moisture.

Each moccasin upper is cut from the same leather type.  The pieces are stitched together; the plug is hand sewn in place and the shoes is hand lasted on the last design by the SAS Shoemakers.

The insole or foot bed is the layer on which your foot rests.  It should match or conform to your foot as much as possible.  Most of our shoes have polyurethane soles that cushion your feet on millions of tiny air bubbles so you are literally walking on air.

At SAS, our commitment is to quality, fit and comfort.  Please look over our line of products.  We hope you find the shoe that is just right for you.

“We wish you comfortable walks, good health and happiness.”

Comfortable shoes are part of the good care your feet deserve.

heritageIn an average lifetime, a person’s feet will carry them between 150,000 and 200,000 miles.  That’s six to eight times around the earth.  And for the entire distance, our feet will be our levers, balancers and shock absorbers.  It makes good sense to keep them comfortable and healthy.


There are twenty-six bones in each foot.  They are moved by muscles and tendons and held together by ligaments.

The foot is divided into three sections.  The larger bones are in the rear foot.  The midfoot is made up of five irregular bones called tarsals.  The forefoot contains the metatarsal bones and phalanges.


Each foot has thirty-three complex joints and four arches.  The major arch is the long, high one along the inner border of the foot (1).  The minor arches are the long, slight arch along the outer border of the foot (2); the metatarsal arch across the ball of the foot (3) and the arch under the foot just behind the instep (4).


From the time we are born, our feet are constantly changing.  They continue to increase in size throughout life.  For this reason, we should be measured for shoes periodically.  Also, as we get older our toenails become harder and thicker and require extra attention and added toe room.


When we stand still 50% of our weight is on the heel, 25% is at the base of the big toe joint and 25% spreads across the ball of the foot.

When we walk, all of our weight comes down on the heel (1), continues to the outer border (2), crosses the ball of the foot (3) to the big toe joint (4) and moves forward to spring off the toes.


Wearing good fitting shoes is the most important thing you can do to take care of your feet.  Three more basic ingredients in the health of a normal foot are cleanliness, trimmed nails and exercise.


SAS SHOENature intended us to be barefoot.  However, since we paved most of our walking surfaces and cluttered up our environment, we need shoes to protect our feet.  The next best thing to barefoot is a good comfort shoe.  Be sure new shoes are comfortable before you buy them.  The ball of your foot should rest on the widest part of the shoe.  The heel should fit snug and not slip.  Your toes shouldn’t push against the top of the shoe.  The space between your longest toe and the inside of your shoe can be up to one-half inch.   Try on both shoes.  Stand up and walk around.  If your feet vary slightly by size, always choose the most comfortable size for the larger foot.

After reading the above passage, you can understand why Hawley Lane Shoes In CT is proud to offer SAS shoes to our valued customers. We believe in SAS. We are confident that you will find SAS to be the best made, most comfortable shoes you’ve ever owned.

Thank You.

If you wish to purchase SAS shoes from Hawley Lane Shoes, please visit one of our four conveniently located stores in Stamford, Norwalk, Shelton or Orange, Connecticut.

Hawley Lane Shoes is extremely proud to carry SAS shoes. SAS is synonymous with quality and comfort and that is something that we here at Hawley Lane Shoes believe in.