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Proper footwear matters

The science behind SoftScience™ supreme comfort footwear is a combination of our materials package and design platform.

At the heart of all SoftScience footwear is a proprietary material named Trileon™. Trileon is a lightweight yet dense closed cell co-polymer that is highly resilient, supportive and odor resistant. All of our outsoles and footbeds are made from 100% Trileon.

Our fit and supreme comfort is a function of our Levelast™ Universal ComfortPlatform, or UCP. The SoftScience UCP is based on a few simple principles of biomechanics to provide the wearer with all day comfort.

  1. SoftScience footwear puts the foot in a level position with zero heel rise or drop. Supporting the foot in a level and neutral position allows the body to align properly.
  2. Our footwear has a generous toe-box and fit that allow the foot and toes to spread out and relax as nature intended.
  3. The contoured footbed is designed to evenly distribute the body’s weight to reduce pressure points.

The combination of these aspects of the UCP provides a cushioned yet supportive design that reduces foot, ankle, knee, hip and back fatigue. Further, these features result in a collection of footwear that is:

  • Supremely comfortable
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Stable and supportive
  • Appropriately cushioned
  • Non-slip and non-marking
  • Durable & tear resistant
  • Odor resistant