At Hawley Lane Shoes we know the importance of early foot care for your baby. Having your child’s feet properly measured and fit with the correct footwear may prevent possible foot problems which can affect posture and gait. As part of the Kids Club, Hawley Lane Shoes will send reminders when it’s time to have your child’s feet measured. As you may know, children’s feet grow at a rapid rate. Therefore, having their feet and shoes assessed regularly for proper size and fit will promote and enhance the natural development of their feet.

Let Hawley Lane Shoes help to keep your child’s feet the healthiest they can be.

How Children’s Feet Develop

Ten tiny toes but not a single fully formed bone. It’s true. The shape of your baby’s foot is mapped out in soft, pliable bone surrounded by a layer of subcutaneous tissue, otherwise known as “puppy fat.” It’s what gives every baby’s feet that unmistakably soft feel. Unfortunately, it also makes the foot prone to being bent out of shape, without you noticing and without your child feeling any of the pain that might otherwise alert you to a problem. As your child grows, so does the bone structure in their feet and by the age of three, your little one’s feet will have started to develop the full 26 bones. The final structure, however, won’t be in place until your child is in his or her late teens. Until then, your child will need shoes designed specifically for each stage of development. Why? Because proper fitting shoes will enhance the growth and formation of your child’s feet. Without a proper fit, it can prevent natural development leading to discomfort and may even adversely affect your child’s walking development.

Are Hand-Me-Down Shoes Damaging My Children’s Feet?

Children need properly fitted shoes especially as they’re growing and developing. There should be growing room at the end of the shoes using the longest toe (may or may not be the big toe) as a guide. The shoes should fit properly in length and width. Hand-me-down shoes that are too large can promote foot and leg problems.